I live in Singapore and I am a South Korean. But I was living in South Korea over 35 years. So, this is new journey in my life. This is very excited moment of me. Because, I have dreamed about living somewhere else someday when I was a kid.


I am a frontend developer. I started with Java but now, Javascript is my main language. As frontend developer, my main field is web development. But I had developing multiple platforms like mobile and desktop by working in startup companies.

Sometimes, I was using Sencha Touch and Phonegap to develop hybrid mobile and also, using Node.js to develop RESTful API. Recently, I was using Electron to develop desktop application. Oh, I can handle MongoDB also. Because all of them can be handled by Javascript.

Obviously, my job title is frontend developer. But I am developing when I have curiosity, which mean I don’t use only one language. But I want to focus only one language for now. You already know why. :)

Anyway, I had been dreaming becoming developer when I was a kid. So, I studied Computer Engineering in university. And I also have joined internship. So, being Software Engineer was one of goal in my life.

Music and Movie

My favorite thing is listening the music and watching the movie. As a result, I really enjoy listening the soundtrack of movies. I show you my playlist.

I extremely like SF movies but I don't care about genre. Ah, I really don’t like horror genre. Anyway, I listen that playlist while developing. I think, I enjoy listen soundtracks because want to feel same as the moment I watched scenes first time.

Anyway, I am a very simple guy. Give me something interest stuff, maybe I will act like child!