About 10 years ago, I was learning Oracle database. That time, I got shocked from simple message and it made me approach different way of thinking. That message was very simple but I didn't think about that before. The message was just Oracle store data in HDD. So, if we reduce time database IO, performance up. This is so obvious story. But that time, everything I heard, it was nice to understand how computer thing is working.

The script

When I was creating the script about Appium, I wonder I can extract app from iOS simulator. Because everything is stored while displaying. Something like the story before.

The main reason was, I hated waiting until building for package file like .ipa extension. So, I was searching on Google where iOS simulator storing data. The I found simple script.

xcrun simctl get_app_container booted com.awesomeapp.www

This is a very simple script. But I wrote long sentence to post blog article.

First, you need that running iOS simulator that also running the app of id. Then, run the command. Then, you will see a message of .app path.

Update - Android

adb shell pm path appId com.awesomeapp.www
adb pull /path/from/the/command /path/to