I was looking for how to find XPath in mobile simulator. It was easy to find XPath from Android emulator. But I didn't know how to find from iOS simulator. Stackoverflow pages mentioned that I need add some attribute on component. So, I wanted to find easier way.


I have sent message to ex-colleague(Firejune) because we was working together before for some automation project about Appium. And XPath inspector already developed by him before I have joined. I developed XPath inspector of web version after he told me about the logic. So, I expected he already know better way.

After few minutes, he have sent me message Makaka xpath. (Macaca App Inspector)

Macaca App Inspector

It's really easy to handle XPath from this. You can see the guide there. Go this link. Somehow, I got Xcode is uninstalled message while installing  but I have Xcode. So, I just ignored that message. After installing, then go this link. I was doing this manually, because I didn't know that command. :'(

Anyway, if you run command from this link, if you wait few seconds, default browser will open automatically. You do something on the simulator, you can check XPath on the inspector browser page.